About Us

Jem’s Mowing & Property Maintenance is owned and run by Jeremy McGucken who lives in Brisbane. Jeremy started up the business because he saw the need in the market place for excellent professional service for customers, at a reasonable price – with a fixed price per hour. At Jem’s Mowing we will go the extra mile for our clients with no hidden costs.

Before I started up the business, as a property owner and from experience I was alarmed to see how unreliable, unprofessional (with grass cuttings being dumped in the flowerbed or in the customer’s bin, instead of being taken away) and the lack of interest shown to the general up keep of the property outside from mowing and blowing – with the trim, mow, blow & go attitude but at the same time charging professional rates. Talking to other people I found that similar people had the sam e experience.

If you want more than the normal the trim, mow, blow & go attitude, then you have come to the right place. The different between a property looking good and excellent is the small things – ensuring that the flowerbeds are weeded, removing weeds from the paths and driveways, with all rubbish taken off-site, hedge trimming and other jobs completed.

Tips on caring  for your lawn & flowerbeds:

One of the most common weeds to watch out for in your lawn is the clover, bindi, broad –leaf and dandelion. If left alone and not treated with weedkiller these weeds will spread quickly and will make your lawn look untidy even when cut.

Your lawn will only look good if you spend a little time caring for it properly. Mowing and keeping the edges neat are the most obvious jobs.

The benefits of applying mulch:

Mulches are multi- functional ; they help prevent germination of weed seeds, keep plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reduce evaporation of water from the soil surface and prevent soil erosion . Organic mulches will also improve soil structure and fertility as they are broken down or incorporated by soil organisms. It is strongly recommended that you apply mulch on your flowerbeds every one – two years.

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